The Peachy Life Episode 07: Parenting is Hard, PERIOD!

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EPISODE 07: Parenting is Hard, PERIOD!

In episode 07: Parenting is Hard, PERIOD! my husband, Joel is the special guest this week and we dive deep into all things parenting. The ups and downs, highs and lows. All of it! Parenting is hard and fun all at the same time. However, sometimes social media can blur our vision and tarnish how we see ourselves as parents. For example, when we see an influencer or blogger post their kids online, we begin to go down the dark comparison hole. I’m guilty of this too and have found myself doing it more than I think. I will watch other moms do perfect crafts with their children and automatically feel mom guilt and shame come to the surface because I’m not doing the same.

Comparison is truly a thief of joy and we need to step back and stop comparing ourselves so much with everyone else. Social media has all the beautiful highlight reels of people’s lives, including mine. It’s not a place we should go and compare our lives. It’s not accurate because it doesn’t show the truly hard parts of being a parent. Parenting is hard!

The other day I yelled so loud at my kids that I think the neighbors heard me. It was a tough day and I completely lost my mind. But here is the deal, I think we’ve all been in this situation, so why not talk about it? Let’s not pretend parenting is rainbows and sunshine every minute of every day, because it’s not. There are hard days. But guess what, there are also really amazing days.

Parenting is both hard and beautiful all at the same time. I’m so lucky God has allowed me to be a mom. Although the days are long, mom guilt can be deep and frustration can completely consume me at times, it’s my favorite job in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing. Not the messy house, the lack of sleep, and the constant worry I face. I wouldn’t change any of it because I get to be a mom!!!


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  1. I love hearing you talk about the differences between the girls because SAME. Number one is so caring and mature and number two is an adorable sour patch kid and gets away with everything. Your family is the best, you guys are doing something right!