The Peachy Life Podcast Episode 03: The Perfect Storm

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The Peachy Life Podcast Episode 03:

 In episode 03, The Perfect Storm, I discuss some of the hardest struggles I’ve faced to date. This included, PCOS, infertility and disordered eating, which all seemed to hit me all at once. One my body and mind had enough, this led to the perfect storm and me sinking and hitting rock bottom.

I wanted to escape the prison of my mind and body but I felt hopeless, numb and alone. There was this darkness within me that I couldn’t break free. I called this darkness my storm cloud. This cloud shows up a lot throughout my life and just when I think sunshine is peeking through a thunderstorm rolls in. In this episode I get raw and emotional about how I lost myself and worked hard to become whole again. Through hard work I hit a point of happiness and wholeness.

But wait, just when I thought the sun was out for good, something happened and that dark storm cloud made it’s oh so familiar presence. It was back and this time with vengeance!

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The Peachy Life
The Peachy Life

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  1. I love listening to your pod cast , your so beautiful no matter what !
    You’re so lucky to even be able to have children . You have two beautiful girls that love you more than you could ever imagine. You’re their role model.
    I’ve struggled as well since I was in my late 20’s
    And then in my late 30’s I found out the reason I could never have children . A HUGE tumor on my uterus . It took me 7 years to find a Dr. who cared about me and checked me out . That’s when I had to have an emergency Hysterectomy. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ anyhow – there’s so many people out there that can’t even have children .
    I really love your story’s on Instagram and and just knowing you were so much alike . Muah 💋

  2. This podcasts is beautiful! I have also struggled with my weight my entire life. I tipped the scale at 230 or even more. I got Down to 150 and feeling great. Life happened and I was back up 200 pounds, when I got married again in 2019. I did not feel good about myself I wore clothes that I thought I would never wear again. I fought back and decided to take my eating and workouts a different level. This year 2020 has been a roller coaster. I just want you to know that your an amazing person Ashley. I love your blog, and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your struggles because we woman do not share much about our struggles. I’m excited to join you on this 28 day experience in January. I cried and laughed in this podcast. Thank you