The Peachy Life Podcast: Episode 02-They Called Me Fat

Society will tell you to be yourself, but as soon as you are, they will tell you to be something different.”

-Mac, The Peachy Life Podcast


When you were a kid or teenager did you have a hard time fitting in? Were you searching for love and attention without ever finding it? Were you pushed to the side? Did you feel lost and unheard? Me too!

In episode 02 I really dive into my childhood/teenage struggles. I remember hearing society telling me to be myself, but once I was, they told me to be something different. I learned real quick that people only “love” you if your exterior looked a certain way. In my mind, I was convinced that in order to even be considered a good person or worthy of love, I had to be skinny with long hair and cute clothes. 

The exhausting feeling of being “good enough” was one that lingered in my mind most of my life. Do you know the feeling I’m talking about? The one that makes you itch because you hate the skin you’re in? I get it. I not only have have felt it, but I still have days where those dark feelings creep back into my mind.

  • Will society accept me today?
  • Am I pretty enough today?
  • Will they notice and love me today?

The purpose of this episode is to make you feel a little less alone and like you’ve been heard. I’m also excited for you all to learn more about me on a human level. We ALL struggle or have struggled and it’s so healing to be able to share. Hopefully we can all learn to love each other without judging the exterior first.

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