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I’m so excited that you have taken the first step to changing your life by starting the Whole 30 program developed by New York Times Best Selling Authors Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. Trying to get started can be a very exciting but also very confusing. I remember when I tried to start my first 30 day journey, I was so lost, I didn’t even know where to begin. To help make your 30 day transition a little easier, I have created a 7 day Whole 30 friendly meal plan. It is my hopes that this will take the pressure off and make this process a little easier for you.

All of the recipes I have developed are tasty and leave you feeling satisfied and not deprived. You can find all the recipes on my instagram page @healthylittlepeach or I have a few posted on my recipe page, here. I have tried to set it up where you will only need to purchase 3 main meats and use those to re-create new meals all week. There will be days you can take leftovers for lunch or breakfast to make life easier. Feel free to pick and choose how ever you would like, take what I have developed and make it work for you!

I love to creating recipes and meal plans. If you are a fan of this plan, be on the lookout for my 30 Day Whole 30 Meal Plan Guide with a shopping list coming soon for a small price. In addition to this plan, I will also be working on an ebook that features holiday recipes to support you in continuing your paleo/whole 30 lifestyle during the holiday season. I will be featuring these recipes on the @whole30recipe page when I host in December.

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