Whole30 Quick Meal Ideas

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The Whole30 program can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect compliant meal. I have found through 16 successful rounds that simplifying your meal options can make your 30 day journey a much easier process. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest has amazing and beautiful meal ideas, but don’t too get caught up and try to over complicate the process thinking every meal has to be five stars and beautiful. Simplify and build your plate according to the guidelines and think easy and simple.

I have complied my favorite quick meals into one blog post to help give you ideas on how to simplify your meals. Also, don’t forget to cook with eggs as your main protein source once or twice a week to save money and make life easy. These pictures aren’t the best quality but still gives you an idea of what my go-to and quick meals are. These are the meals I have eaten through 16 successful rounds and that help me lose over 80 pounds. This program works but you have to trust the process and don’t over complicate your meal options.

Whole30 Breakfast Quick Meals

Chopped brussel sprouts, onions, chicken apple sausage (Sam’s Choice brand from Walmart), 2 Fried Eggs and Mac’s Awesome Sauce (Click here for my sauce. It will help make any boring Whole30 meal yummy)

Scrambled eggs with diced brussel sprouts, onions, tomatoes, slivered almonds serves with sliced strawberries.

Scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with 1 tbsp of canned coconut milk with chicken apple sausage (Sam’s Choice brand from Walmart) cooked with frozen peppers and onions and topped with Mac’s Sauce (Click here for my sauce. It will help make any boring Whole30 meal yummy)

Chicken Enchilada frittata topped with sliced avocado and served with mixed fruit.

Scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with 1 tbsp of canned coconut milk, roasted brussel sprouts, 1 slice of compliant bacon and 3 strawberries.

Sausage Fritatta served with sliced avocado topped with Everything but The Bagel Seasoning and served with mixed fruit.

Sauteed spinach cooked in ghee, 1 fried egg, leftover pulled pork, sliced tomatoes served with bullet proof coffee

(get the recipe here)

One fried egg, roasted sweet potatoes and cooked chicken apple sausage (Sam’s Choice brand from Walmart)

2 fried eggs, 2 slices of cooked prosciutto, sauteed broccoli slaw, 1 slice grapefruit and half a banana.

Whole30 Lunch & Dinner Quick Meals

Grilled chicken breast topped with nutritional yeast and served over sauteed shaved brussel sprouts with 1/2 avocado and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Grilled steak salad with 4 avocado slices, marinated red onions, (Get No Crumbs Left recipe here), cherry tomatoes and pepperoncinis

Cooked chicken apple sausage served over arugula, topped with grilled pepper and onions and drizzled with compliant mustard. Served with a small cup of pomegranate seeds.

Grilled chicken salad with 1/2 avocado dices, red onions, crumbled compliant bacon and a boiled egg drizzled with my Greek dressing (Get the recipe here).

Chicken Fajita Avocado Boat (Click here for the full recipe)

Compliant deli meat lettuce wrap with my homemade mayo (click here for recipe), compliant bacon, onions, and a tomato slice

Sirlion steak cooked in ghee served with thinly sliced baked potatoes, asparagus and roasted mushrooms.

Cooked chicken apple sausage ( Sam’s Choice at Walmart) served with 1/2 avocado, 2 cups of arugula with crumbled compliant bacon and topped with my Chili Lime Sauce (Click here to grab the recipe)

1 to 2 soft boiled eggs over 2 cups of arugula with cherry tomatoes, red onion and pepperonis, drizzled with my Chili Lime Sauce (Click here for the recipe).

Grilled chicken breast, roasted brussel sprouts, olives and pepperoncinis and olives, drizzled with my Chili Lime Sauce (Click here for the recipe).

Chicken apple sausage (Sam’s Choice from Walmart) mixed with peppers and onions and served over cauliflower rice and drizzled with my Mac’s Awesome Sauce (Click here to grab the recipe)

Whole30 Small Meals & Pre or Post Workout Meals

1 can of compliant tuna fish, 1/2 apple with 1 tbsp almond butter and carrots.

1 cup of bone broth with 1/2 avocado and 1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds.

1 boiled egg with a handful of almonds and a baby food puree.

Whole30 Compliant Sauces

If you are tired of your boring protein and veggie options, give all my sauces a try. They will give any bland dish a ton of flavor. Click the picture below to grab the recipes for my Mac’s Awesome Sauce, Chili Lime Sauce, Fiesta Cilantro Sauce, and Buffalo Dill Sauce

Whole30 Must-Have Pantry Staples

Nutritional Yeast


Coconut Aminos

Fourth & Heart Ghee

Glass Tupperware Containers

Need More Whole30 Help? Grab my Grocery Guides

Click here to grab all my Whole30 shopping guides


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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to do a second round of Whole30 for almost a year but I just can’t make it stick! Excited to get started Monday with some simpler meals!

  2. Hi,

    A question about macros. Do we try to meet our macros for each meal or do we look for compliance by the end of the day.

    1. HI Anthony,

      Im working to add Macro tips to the blog site soon. Thank you for your patience as we work answer all questions about macros.