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Every person we meet shares a common desire they want to know:

Do you hear me?

Do you see me?

Does my story or what I say mean anything to you?

We all want to be KNOWN. Although we are known through Christ, sometimes we need to know that others hear our voice.  In order to recover from our past struggles, sharing with others can be healing and uplifting. In my opinion, being “known” doesn’t mean that you have to have 50,000 followers on Instagram or a become a famous celebrity, being known simply means being HEARD.  People want to be heard and they want to tell their story.

Suicide and depression has become a growing issue worldwide. Sharing can be therapeutic and allow you to connect with others who are facing the same struggles. That is why I have created the “I am Known, The Movement.” I want to use my platform to give others the opportunity to share their stories and ask for help.

We all have a story to tell. My story, “Becoming Whole” has given others hope when they felt hopeless. It uplifted and inspired those of you who have had similar struggles. I even received one message after posting my story that simply said, “YOU SAVED ME.” Just that one message made my vulnerability so worth it. In the mists of feeling alone, my voice was heard and through my rawness and truth, it ended up not only saving me, but saving others. It gave me purpose and hope. The truth is, even if my story helped one individual who felt hopeless, it was worth it. When others connected to my story I didn’t feel alone or hopeless, it made me feel a little more normal.

Isn’t that what all strive to feel…..normal? How do we get to that point and what has to happen in our hearts and minds to feel that way? I am still learning, but through recent experience I have learned that nothing is by chance, everyday is a lesson and through reflection and community we can heal and become a little more of what we consider “normal.”

Our world is HARD. Life can be HARD. Healing can be HARD, but staying quiet makes it even HARDER. All of this is to say, speak up, tell your story, be raw, be vulnerable and SAVE someone through your struggle. God gives us challenges and struggles for a reason. As I reflect on my life, parts were unfair, but I wouldn’t change one of my many battles. Not only have I grown as a human, but I have been the light to others at the end of their dark tunnels. Please….be the light, share, speak up and care about others and most of all, yourself.  You deserve to be whole, you deserve to worthy, you deserve to loved, and most of all you deserve to be KNOWN.

The Movement

I am constantly receiving emails and messages about how you guys have overcome obstacles and your stories are so POWERFUL and need to be heard. I  am calling it “The Movement” because I want you to be able to stand up and make the MOVE to share your truth and give others the courage to do the same. Even if your story doesn’t have a happy ending yet, share your struggle and allow others to comfort you in your time of need.

The only way we heal as humans is through sharing and support.  Let’s come together and be the light at the end of the tunnel for others we don’t even know yet.  In order to use my platform for a PURPOSE, I want you to share your voice and story. Every month I will be showcasing 2 stories that will be posted in a “I am Known” blog post. The only way we as humans can heal is to be vulnerable and share our hurt. My hopes are that your stories can save someone out there who is fighting the same battle, but isn’t winning. Let’s be the light, let’s encourage and let’s make a change to speak up, share and inspire.

How can you share your story?

This project has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with YOU. I want to share my platform so that your story can be heard. Every month I will be showcasing 2 of your stories that will be posted in a “I am Known” blog post. Additionally, I will have 1 post a month on my Instagram page that you can use the comment section to post your story or ask for help. Your story can be how you overcame an obstacle in your life or if you don’t have a story but need guidance, feel free to post. Join the movement and give others who are hopeless a little slither of hope. Lift others up with your kindness and be a light. Shine bright and have a purpose to serve and support others in their time of need.

If you would like to be featured in the blog post this month, please email me your full story along with your name and phone number to healthylittlepeach@gmail.com. Deadline is June 15th.



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