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Listen up Whole30ers….Sauce is life and it can completely transform your 30 day reset game. Homemade sauce is so easy and really does add a ton of flavor to bland proteins, dull vegetables and boring eggs.

Below is a round-up of my all time favorite Whole30 sauces, condiments and marinades. Most of these are my sauces, but I have also included some of my other favorite food blogger recipes.

Whole30 Condiments:

1.) Homemade 60 Second Mayo-Healthy Little Peach

Healthy Little Peach

2.) BBQ Sauce-Healthy Little Peach

BBQ Sauce
Healthy Little Peach

3.) Ketchup– Tastes Lovely

Whole30 Ketchup
Tastes Lovely

4.) Coconut Oil Mayo– 40 Aprons

Coconut Mayo
40 Aprons

Whole30 Dressings:

1.) Ranch– Healthy Little Peach

Whole30 Ranch

2.) BBQ Ranch– Healthy Little Peach

BBQ Ranch

3.) Avocado Ranch– Healthy Little Peach

Avocado Ranch

4.) Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing– 40 Aprons

Creamy Balsamic Dressing
40 Aprons

5.) Peach Vinaigrette– Healthy Little Peach

Peach Vinaigrette

6.) 3 Minute Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette-Laughing Spatula

Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette
Laughing Spatual

7.) Caesar Dressing– Real Food with Jessica

Whole30 Caesar Dressing
Real Food with Jessica

Whole30 Homemade Sauces:

1.) Healthy Little Peach– 4 Majestic Whole30 Sauces- Buffalo Dill, Fiesta Cilantro, Mac’s Awesome Sauce & Chili Lime Sauce

Whole30 Majestic Sauces

2.) 7 Staple Whole30 Sauces– Endless Meal

Whole30 Sauces
The Endless Meal

3.) Chili Lime Sauce– Healthy Little Peach

Chili Lime Sauce

4.) Basil Pesto– Primal Gourmet

Basil Pesto

5.) Lemon & Herb Aioli– Healthy Little Peach

Lemon & Herb Aioli

6.) BBQ Ranch Dip– The Paleo Running Momma

BBQ Ranch Dip

7.) Bang Bang Sauce– Healthy Little Peach

Bang Bang Sauce

8.) Green Goddess Dressing: No Crumbs Left

Green Goddess Dressing

Whole30 Marinades:

1.) Greek Marinade: Healthy Little Peach

Greek Marinade

2.) Whole30 Marinades: Eat the Gaines

Whole30 Marinades
Eat the Gaines

3.) Whole30 Marinades: The Better Blondie

Whole30 Marinades
The Better Blondie

4.) The Best Whole30 Marinade: Real Food with Jessica

The Best Whole30 Marinade
Real Food with Jessica

5.) 5 Easy Marinades: The Real Food Dietitians

5 Easy Marinades
The Real Food Dietitians

What are some must have items to make these Whole30 sauces?

Below is recommended items that will support you in making your homemade sauces successful. The number one item I highly recommend investing in is an immersion blender. It is amazing and is truly something I use 3-4 times each week in my kitchen.

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  1. I made Mac’s awesome sauce for the chicken salad recipe and it is amazing!!! Better than store bought mayo and chicken salad! Can’t wait to try all the other sauces. Thank you!

  2. Mac’s Awesome Sauce is one of the best sauces I’ve ever made! It was a life saver on my Whole30 last year and I incorporate it often in different dishes now. I use a little less salt than it calls for per my taste, but you really can’t go wrong! I highly recommend it. Thanks Ashley! Love your blog!

    1. Well you are so welcome Dana. I am thrilled when people let me know they tweek the recipe to meet their needs. That’s what its all about. Mac’s Awesome sauce is a staple in our frig for sure. Thanks Dana for the kinds words and forfollowing my blog;-) Blessings!!!!!!

  3. Your sauces have been a game changer for me since transitioning over to clean keto. Every one of them are delicious, but Mac’s Awesome Sauce is insanely good. Thank you!

  4. Love love love adding sauces to change up the flavor easily! The chili lime sauce and Macs Awesome sauce are staples in our house…we always have them in the fridge, even after we finish whole 30s.