About, Family, Motherhood Meet My Tribe! June 5, 2017

Meet my beautiful family, Joel and Eloise. These two though….they are my whole world. I mean look at them, they are precious and look identical. Eloise Scarlett will be 3 in August and my heart melts a little more as each birthday approaches. I’m sure all you mommas out there can agree.This kid right here is my dragon, she is strong, independent, and fierce. She loves her momma, daddy, and Jesus and isn’t afraid to walk up to a stranger and tell them how much she loves us. She is a superhero princess who will wear a flower in her hair, a batman cap and high top converse all in one outfit. Her creativity is something I stand and watch in amazement. My goal in raising this little beauty is to encourage, accept, and love her with every piece of my soul. Though the road was tough to have her, look at us today, happy, healthy and whole. I am fortunate that God blessed me with something so perfect! Joel, this guy right here, he is my best friend. We have been together for 13 years and married 7. He is the sweetest and most gentle human I have ever met. There are 2 things in the world I know for a fact he is crazy about, his 2 girls. Neither of us have to doubt his love because he tells and shows us how much he adores us every single day! Life is pretty easy when it comes to being married to “this guy.”Our family isn’t defined by blood or by our last name, it’s defined by our commitment and love for each other. Family to us, means showing up on the days we need each other the most. It means we have each other’s back. It means we choose to love each other on those tough days when we struggle to even like them. It means we never giving up on each other. This is how our family works. We work hard everyday to make love a priority.Our roots are deep and we do not fear the wind. Our tribe is strong!











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