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Blackberry and Mint Cranberry Mocktail

This Blackberry and Lime Cranberry Mocktail is the perfect drink if you are sick of water. This is beverage is filled with lime, cranberr, blackberry and mint. Whole30, Paleo and can be tailored to Keto.
Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time2 minutes
Course: Drink
Servings: 2 servings
Author: Ashley McCrary


  • 2 cans Black Cherry Sparkling Water
  • 6 tbsp pure cranberry juice (no sugar added )
  • 8 large blackberries
  • 3 tsp lime juice
  • 2 slices lime for garnish
  • 4 fresh mint (add more if desired)


  • Fill glasses with blackberries, cranberry juice, lime juice, and some mint leaves. Muddle together
  • Add ice and fill the remaining glass with the sparkling water.
  • Stir together and garnish each glass with a fresh blackberry, lime and mint leaves.


Note: To make this areal cocktail add 1 oz of Vodka or Triple Sec. 
To make this drink KETO, add DIET cranberry juice.